3 Hours…

3 Hours…

3 Hours ago I handed in the last piece of work for my IESE MBA. 3 Hours ago I stopped being a student, no more classes, no more papers, no more lectures, no more team projects. 3 Hours ago I ended a period of 2 years of my life. In a few months a new batch of MBA students will come in to take our place…

3 Hours ago I sat in the lounge of IESE, where I’ve had so many hours of work, countless meetings and coffee breaks… many, many coffees. The report I handed in was for the Persoi class, a class about self-development and personality. Looking back to the MBA I can say it was an absolutely life-changing experience and one journey of self-development. It has made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses. Additionally of course I learned a lot of “hard” skills varying from finance to operations and managerial decision making to marketing.

3 hours ago I stopped being a student. As IESE student, I have had the opportunity to “train” for the “real life” that lies ahead. In IESE Meets The Valley I learnt a lot about myself, how I should improve in fostering a team and how I should better communicate. If you decide to come to IESE, you will have the unique opportunity to “try-out” and “practice” in situations that will allow you to learn and grow as a person. Now going into the real world, making mistakes might come at a higher cost.

3 Hours ago, I hit the submit button on the email that had my final paper to submit. It put me in a very strange state of mind. I was sad and happy at the same time. The MBA has ended, and to be honest, I am truly a little sad about it. I will miss coming to class and learning from world-class peers. I am really grateful to my fellow class mates who through their views and comments in class have taught me more than any book could.

3 Hours ago, I also realized that an amazing journey lies ahead: that of the entrepreneur. Because of the IESE ecosystem and the way the MBA is set up, I’ve had the opportunity to develop and launch a business straight from the MBA. IESE is unique in Europe as it is the only 2 year program.

In approximately 3088 Hours, a new group of about 280 students will enter IESE. If you are among them, here are some tips.

  1. Enjoy: even though it is hard work, you should enjoy. 19 months will go by so fast you will not realize it before it’s over.
  2. Grow: Decide in which area you would like to develop yourself and go after it. There are so many initiatives and clubs you could be a part of, seize the opportunity!
  3. Learn: Hard skills but also embrace the unique views of the 50+ nationalities around you
  4. Socialize: Realize that from day 1, you are building your network for the rest of your life, enjoy doing that!
  5. Do Entrepreneurship: IESE is a unique 2-year opportunity. During the 1st year you can develop your idea and during the 2nd year you can launch. IESE’s ecosystem is unique.

For me the near future is clear:  Our start-up has won Wayra, we will remain in Barcelona.

So I can still go back to the lounge, and have that coffee. Contact me if you’d like to have it together.

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  1. Cool… I should be at your stage in 3 months! But in HEC Geneva! Ufffff…. still running with paper work, group work, lectures…. !! Congrat! And enjoy Barcelona! Lived there, it is a great place!

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