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Public Speaking

I once heard a quote saying: “If you accumulate knowledge but don’t share it then you are like a hoarder”. Are many ways of sharing knowledge. Some like to write books or articles, some create YouTube channels or share on social media. None of these fit me well for a variety of reasons (time, lack of talent, effort ). What I love most is exchangingwith a group of people. The larger the group the more I like it and the more Energy I get from it. My preference is to meet groups face to face since this gives the most energy. Below are some of the subjects I love to share with groups. Want to see if I can bring my energy to your crowd? Contact me.

Successtimonies: Defining Success for my life

I’ve been going through a journey where I have been researching how to define success for my life. To figure this out I’ve now interviewed 160+ people and collected their “Successtimonies”. From this a simple framework emerged to help people think about success in their lives. I love to share about this personal journey and what I’ve learned from these many wonderful conversations. I can give a keynote or a workshop of a few hours taking a group through an assessment of their current success definition. More info at: www.successtimonies.com. Below a clip from the Product Management Festival 2022:

Product Management Masterclass

As a PM I’ve learned a lot of things over the years and developed a little framework called “The Product Pyramid”. I love talking to potential product managers about my work. I’ve developed a 3 hr session in which we develop a product together as a group. During the Masterclass I will take the students through all parts of the product management lifecycle following the Product Pyramid framework.

The Inverted PM

I’m a product manager in security and abuse and with me there are many like me. For us being a product manager is very different, success is when things don’t happen. See more in this blog post. I love to :

  • Educate product leaders on this type of product manager to help them engage with and manage inverted PMs. .
  • Give “normal” product managers a sneak peek into what the life of an Inverted Product Manager is like.
  • Discover best practices

Below the deck of my talk at the 2023 ProductManagementFestival:

Account security

Over the last years I’ve focused on keep users safe from malicious actors that try to get in to their account. Helping people and companies stay safe has been an amazing mission. I’m happy to share about how organizations and individuals can keep themselves safe. I can discuss things like:

  1. How criminals get into online accounts
  2. How Google defends individuals and organizations from becoming victims of criminals
  3. What you can do as an individual to keep yourself safe
  4. What organizations can do to keep their employees safe.

Raising digitally safe kids

I have 3 girls that are growing up in this digital age. My background in account security has taught me how much can go wrong in the digital world. At the same time, being married to a family coach / psychology, we’ve created an environment using tools and principles where our kids can enjoy the digital solutions available to them but in a safe manner. I can’t tell you how to raise your kids, but happy to share how we are doing it:

  1. What can go wrong when we give kids access to technology without boundaries
  2. Principles to consider when allowing your kids access to technology
  3. Tools you can use such as Screentime and Google Family link

Speaking fees

I don’t make a living from speaking and so I try to speak for free as much as possible. For me, the reward and energy comes from the engagement with people.

It does mean I can’t spend too much time before and after any engagement and of course it shouldn’t cost me money 😉

If you do want to appreciate me in any way, here are some things you could consider:

  • Give money to charity. Anything that helps children or women facing injustice
  • If the event has a fee, lower the cost for those who have a hard time paying for it
  • If you really want to give something here is my wishlist 🙂
  • Contact me

Interested? Want to see me bring my energy to your ocasion? Contact me

Featured image by Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash