My name is Jeroen Kemperman. father of 3 and married to the most wonderful lady in the world.

In my day job, I am product lead for account Security at Google Workspace

Before that, I was product manager in Googles account security team.

I did my my MBA at I.E.S.E. business school (www.iese.edu), one of the world’s best business schools.

After my MBA I started a company from which we helped people execute ideas to reality, reduce costs and implement OKRs.

I am also founder of the annual I.E.S.E Silicon Valley trip: www.iesemeetsthevalley.com

I’ve lived 3 years in Paris where I was  an analyst in the strategy department of Rexel  (www.rexel.com).
I completed  various interesting projects.

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This website basically contains anything I liked to write about or find worth sharing…

My Bucket List

So here it goes, I have one too. In no particular order:

  1. Dance with my daughter Aimée at her wedding or somewhere else amazing.
  2. Dance with my daughter Elaine at her wedding or somewhere else amazing.
  3. Dance with my daughter Amber at her wedding or somewhere else amazing.
  4. Forge my own sword
  5. Play a DJ set in front of a huge crowd like this
  6. Do a speech for a huge audience
  7. Race on a real racetrack