Visit my chamber IV – If you are looking for my key…

It has been some time now since I’ve written anything. I have been making less language mistakes worth mentioning and life has become a little more “normal”. However recently I’ve been at it again and so I present to you number 4 of my language mistake series. Not suitable for our younger readers.

As with most language mistakes they have to do with sex. Not that I talk about that all the time, but the French just have a lot of words that deal with the subject. Let me just share my recent mistakes with you. 


During lunch we were talking about motor bikes. One of my colleagues might buy one in the future. I wanted to ask him to show it to me (us) when he does. So I said: tu vas nous monter?. this caused a lot of laughter. Apparently the verb monter  means to mount (for example a horse) and also has a sexual meaning (to mount someone… ahum). I should have said: Tu vas nous montrer? this means: to show. 


Again at work. One time I wanted to tell my colleagues where I would put the key to my cabinet for emergencies. I wanted to say that I would put it in the dresser under my desk which would have been “caisson” or perhaps “buffet” (I am far from a French language expert). However I said: “Couilliette” which means I would put the key in the little testicle.

So if you are looking for my key you know where to look for it ;-).

In any case I can assure you that I have moved it 😀 




As always remember that in my experience the French really appreciate any effort you make to learn French. So please do not let this post discourage you from doing so.

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