Visit my Chamber

Whenever you have to move to France you have to learn the language. As I do not have any barrier to communication I just go out there and try. In doing so I make mistakes. I’ve written some of these mistakes below, beware not suitable for our younger readers 😉

In our office I wanted to invite a colleague for a meeting in my office. He was in a chaired office and I had a private one that day. So I said: S’il vous plait visité ma chambre. They started to laugh immediately. It means please visit my bedroom, which means please have sex with me. Later I learned what it meant and made sure I wrote it down.

For English language course I said to my (female) teacher in the Netherlands: Je suis froid, I meant to say: I am cold But what I said was: I am not in the mood for sex.

The last one I will share this time is that I said I sometimes take my car to the garage on the corner. I said: Le garage a la con. This actually means the F*&^%ing garage. I should have said: le garage du coin.

Every time I make a mistake the other person would laugh. But also every time the other person would really stress the fact that they like me trying to learn French. So I would like to say the same to you if you move to France: Try to learn French, it’s greatly appreciated by the them(the French).

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