Visit my chamber V2.0 – Enjoy your evening

I thought I’d just share some more language mistakes I have made the last couple of months. Again perhaps not suitable for our younger readers but very necessary for our older ones. To prevent mistakes alike ;-). What I am experiencing is that a lot of the French language is about intimacy, of all kinds. This was also admitted by my language teacher. So here are this time’s mistakes:

The first one occurred during the lunch. Someone asked where someone else was. The response I didn’t get. So I said: Elle est dans la cul? This means: she is in the ass? What they said was: elle est dans la queue, which means: She is in the line.

The next mistake I made was when a lady was helping me move my desk. She came up with all sorts of handy solutions to little problem and helped me organize. Then I said: Tu est très practicable. This means you are very usable (again in a sexual context). I should have said: Tu est très pratique.

The next one was during language class, I was describing the music at our church. I said: La Musique dans notre eglise est avec beaucoup de “bite“(sounds like beat, which I meant). This means that the music is with a lot of male marriage tools (If you know what I mean). I should have said: ”avec beaucoup de rythme”. The guy was wondering what kind of church we visit 😉

The last one was when I wanted to wish someone a nice evening. She had talked about doing something nice that evening. So I wanted to say: Enjoy your evening. The dictionary said to use a certain verb. So I said it: Jouir ton soir. She looked at me with a really strange face. It turns out that jouir is only used in a sexual context (thanks dictionary). So I said to her: enjoy her your sex tonight. I should have said: passé une bonne soirée.

So you see that I am still all over the place with language mistakes. I know that I make more of them because I lack the normal barrier to communication. Luckily the French really still like my efforts and greatly appreciate them. So I can keep learning. So that’s it for today. And enjoy your evening, morning, afternoon etc 😉

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