Visit my chamber III – I will talk to you like I talk to:….. kidneys.

We have been living here for about  month now. The number of really bad language mistakes has dropped. However I have collected some in this 3rd language post.

The first one was recently talking to colleagues. I was looking at the grassfield in our courtyard and wanted to suggest that we play sports. So I said: Let’s play sports, I will bring the “boulon. Which means bolt / screw. “we play sports and he brings his screwdriver???”. I should have said: “ ballon” which is ball in French.

The second mistake was when talking to a lady. I always address her very formally (with “ vous”) because I think it is fun. However one day she asked me why I addressed her like this. So I said I liked to talk to her like if she was nobility. I talk to you like “un rein”. This means kidney. I like to talk to you like to kidneys. I should have said “Reine” which means to talk to her like if she was a queen.

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